Monday, October 21st, 2019

Hello, I’m Amy and I proudly worked with The Hollies team back in 2010 whilst I was studying. I had the most wonderful time honing the art of exceptional customer service, learning the importance of being passionate about your job and genuinely loved the people I worked alongside. I also received my very first Christmas card from a ‘boy’ in The Hollies Christmas Barn. This young guy used to stack fruit and vegetables in the farm shop at 6am on a Saturday and Sunday morning…Little did I know as he handed me that card, that he’d be my future Husband!

The Hollies dedicated work ethic and unwavering desire to exceed the expectations of customers taught us so much more than how to pack groceries and pop them through the till. Ed recently said to my Mum that ‘the beauty of The Hollies is that you can come and do an entire weekly shop, or simply call in to pick up a bag of carrots for your roast dinner, and still receive the same level of service’. This is something I know to be true and is probably the key reason that they are so highly regarded by us all.

After returning to Cheshire early last year we launched our own business – Aesthetics at Home. Aesthetics at Home is an exclusive and luxury service that brings advanced Skin Treatments to your Cheshire front door. We provide tailored appointments that work around you and offer personal advice, education and guidance throughout your skin journey. We pride ourselves on continuing to reflect The Hollies ethos into our work and deliver a trustworthy, quality service. The grounding the Cowap family provided in our very early careers is something we continue to be grateful for and feel so fortunate to consider them great friends rather than past colleagues.

It was a real privilege to be asked to open The Hollies Christmas Barn this year and we cannot thank you enough for all the inspiration, guidance and encouragement over the past decade.  We’re your biggest fans!

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