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Monday, April 30th, 2018

Arran Aromatics was founded back in 1988 by Janet Russell and her husband Iain in the kitchen of their cottage on the beautiful Isle of Arran. Janet and Iain made soaps and body creams infused with original fragrances inspired by the landscape and scents of the island they so loved. Moving forward 30 years they have a fresh new vision for the brand; rebranded as ARRAN Sense of Scotland, their new mission is to share Arran’s unspoiled way of life with the world. With products re-formulated and packing re-imagined, they want customers to learn to “live life unspoiled”.

The Isle of Arran is their heart and inspiration. To the south there is lowland rolling hills laced with tranquil beaches and breathtaking views. To the north, the dramatic highlands are rugged, the heather more windswept, but it’s every bit as beautiful. The rich colour palette of this unique blend of landscapes and the diversity of its herbs and flowers fuel the teams creativity and passion for beautiful things, beautifully made.

There is a fragrance to suit every mood. The ARRAN collections look to inspire and connect us to the island. The seven fragrances, five for her and two for him, take their names and inspiration from the natural elements of the rugged yet beautiful island.

Janet had long held a desire to capture her favourite natural aroma; that fresh, succulent scent of a garden in the magically calm moments following a summer rainstorm. “After the Rain” was brought to life in a heady bouquet of rose, musk and citrus combined with the notes of Arran’s precious woods. After the Rain is one of Arran’s most popular fragrances.


During May, when you spend £35 or more on ARRAN Sense of Scotland in The Barn, receive either a 300ml After the Rain bath & shower gel, 200ml After the Rain body lotion OR a 10ml After the Rain fragrance rollerball FREE! (Whilst stocks last!)

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