COOK; Remarkable food for your Freezer.

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

The new COOK area at Little Budworth has now been completed.  Back in March this year, the range extended to 13 freezers brimming with chef prepared ready meals and now the awesome signage from COOK has arrived and been put up. Thank you for bearing with us while we developed this area! The COOK range features frozen ready meals and sides, entertaining food and puddings that are all prepared by hand at the COOK Kitchen in Kent.

COOK was founded back in 1997 by Edward and Dale. Edward’s parents ran a small bakery making handmade frozen cakes. After a less than stellar school career, Edward went to work for them as a travelling salesman. The cakes were stunning and it got him wondering why no one was making savoury meals in the same way. Edward decided he would try and he persuaded Dale, a chef and one of his favourite clients, to quit his job and in March 1997 they opened a small shop in Surrey selling their hand-prepared, frozen food. Through trial and error and the odd explosion, the food got better and better. People came back for more and gradually the COOK brand grew.

Here at The Hollies, we have stocked the COOK range for nearly 6 years and we love the variety and quality of the products they make. One customer on our social media said the quality of this range is just fantastic – we had mains and desserts recently and can’t recommend highly enough!”

Each COOK product features the name of the chef who prepared your food, each dish looking and tasting homemade. COOK say this is for when you don’t have the time, inclination or, dare we say, talent… we COOK so you don’t have to!” The COOK Kitchen works in a similar way to a big hotel kitchen, with different sections responsible for different parts of the cooking process. Sections are responsible for checking ingredients as they come in; preparing them; cooking; making pastry; assembling the different components of the finished dish; freezing; packing and labelling. It’s a very complicated operation that depends entirely on the passion, care and teamwork of their team.

The delicious COOK range is also available on a smaller scale in our Farm Shop at Lower Stretton.

Find out more about the COOK range on their website.

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