Local bakery partnership

Monday, August 19th, 2013

The Hollies Farm Shop has been working with local family bakery, Devonshire Bakery, for more than 20 years. We have stocked many ranges of breads over the years, delivered daily to both Farm Shops, such as the most popular multigrain loaf to the delicious corn bread. In 2012, The Hollies Farm Shop sold more than 80,000 bakery items from Devonshire Bakery. Devonshire Bakery is a family run business which was started at the turn of the last century in Porter Street, Runcorn, by Fred Crowther, great grandfather of Rob. He was a farmer as well as baker. In those days the bread was delivered by a horse-drawn cart. In 1928 the Edinburgh Arms was purchased in Devonshire Square, Runcorn, and was named the Devonshire Cafe. This eventually combined a shop, cafe, bakery and ballroom, the latter being the renowned local venue for ‘the Dev’ dances and wedding receptions. Fred’s two sons, Cyril and Reg, joined him in the business with Reg ultimately becoming the sole owner. In 1953 the second Reg (now retired) ran the business after completing his national service. The ballroom was closed not long after and the business became The Devonshire Bakery. In the early seventies the Development Corporation put a compulsory purchase order on the premises to make way for a bus route through the Old Town and in November 1973 the business moved to Frodsham where it continues to be the Head Office, shop and main bakery site where all the production takes place. In the mid eighties a cake studio was added to the Frodsham shop and there are currently two additional shops at Weaverham and Runcorn. Robert Crowther, great grandson of the original owner, now runs the business, along with his wife Jane, sister Kate, daughter Laura and niece Rebecca. The Devonshire Bakery produce fabulous artisan baked breads and many other bakery items. Rob and Phil met recently to work on a project of developing more bakery products to give you more fresh bakery choices on a daily basis. We’ll keep you posted when the newest development comes out of the baker’s oven!

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