Gin of the Month

Monday, October 21st, 2019


We have chosen a Spanish gin for our ‘Gin of the Month’ this November. A delicious strawberry-flavoured gin from Puerto de Indias. This gin was launched in Seville, Spain five years ago. Seville Puerto de Indias have quickly become one of the top 10 gin suppliers in the world.

This gin is light pink in colour and is made using the freshest Spanish strawberries from Huelva. Huelva is known for being one of the largest and best suppliers of strawberries in the world. This gin is very light and sweet with notes of juniper and strawberry.

It is the perfect gin to add a fruity touch to your G&T. The suggested serve is with slices of strawberry and a wedge of lime, over ice then finished off with a plain tonic water.

When you buy a bottle of this gin from The Hollies this November, receive a free Gin glass*!
*Whilst stocks last

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