Growing our own since 1959

Friday, August 15th, 2014

We’ve been growing our own since 1959, where the family began. In the early days we grew potatoes, lettuce, green beans, pumpkins, wall flowers, Christmas trees and much more, alongside keeping cows, chickens and pigs, the piggery was in fact where the farm shop at Little Budworth is now.  The potato shed is now the Gift Barn and the Garden Centre sits on land used for growing lettuce. The farm shop evolved from the side of the house, to a shed and the start of the building as it is now.
At the forefront of growing our own, are Richard (Phil, Ed & Sue’s father) and his cousin Cyril, who have worked the land, nurtured crops and supplied produce for the market stall at Runcorn (until 2001) and latterly the farm shops. Nowadays, Richard at 81 and Cyril at 65 continue their hard work throughout the year, overcoming the issues of every season.  Their main focus is now the growing of Christmas tress, pumpkins, wall flowers and vegetable plants, alongside growing bedding plants, creating hanging baskets and winter planters.
Cyril has been a grower at The Hollies for over 50 years, having just turned 65, he has obviously demonstrated his loyalty!  Cyril has worked side by side with Richard since the 50’s, his knowledge of plants and how to nurture them is vast and between them they have created a bounty of homegrown produce.  He can be found around The Hollies at Little Budworth and land at Delamere   working on the land, tending the plants and offering horticultural advise to customers.  We were once told that ‘everyone needs a Cyril’ and they were right, Cyril’s at the heart of setting up the shop in the morning, sorting the vegetable stores, watering 10,000 bedding plants, planting pots, managing the weeds, sowing the seeds, mowing the grass and so much more.
We are proud of our heritage in growing our own since 1959, we are now able to extend the produce on offer through the wider family, Richard’s cousin grows potatoes, carrots, cabbage, sprouts and many more root vegetables.  Our family’s produce sits amongst many of the best products in Cheshire and our Butchery is brimming with the tastiest quality meats, making a visit to The Hollies a taste of local goodness.

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