History of Tarporley

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

As the renovation of 32 continues we have begun to dig into the archives of Tarporley. We have been lucky enough to find some beautiful old photos of the High Street. We want to thank the Tarporley Rotary Club for working with us and giving us some photos of Tarporley.

This particular photo shows a parade along the High Street. We predict that this may be around the 20th Century. Could this be the traditional Summer Fair held in Tarporley every year? If you know the date, please let us know!

The images we have found around Tarporley are going to be used in 32, they are currently being printed and framed ready to hang in the five double bedrooms in 32. Keep an eye out to spot them when we open!

If you have any old photos of the High Street we would love to see them and showcase them around the hotel! Please send them to [email protected]


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