Meet the new owners

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Phil and Ed became the proud owners of the country house hotel in the Highlands of Scotland on the 20th January.  Work commenced within minutes of becoming the owners and there is now a Hollies team in the Highlands beginning the internal re-structuring and general tidy up of the property.

Architects, planners, fire safety experts, carpenters, window experts, interior designers, landscapers and many more are involved in the project.  Internal stud walls have been taken down, to take the building back to its original Victorian splendour, enjoying grand entrances, opening up piano lounges and re-introducing the grandeur of bedroom suites.

Phil and Ed are keen to create the 5 star luxury of The Hollies Forest Lodges throughout, combined with  a restaurant and coffee shop food offering filled with quality, fresh produce put together by Chefs.

The Grand Fir Forest Lodge


More updates to follow.  We hope to be able to share a wee dram with you by 2015.

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