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Thursday, January 15th, 2015

If you love local produce, you’ll love The Hollies Farm Shops and Coffee Shops.  At both Farm Shops we source over 40 quality local producers, in the Butcheries we source fully traceable regional meats and in both Coffee Shops we use the fantastic range of locally sourced and homemade produce throughout the menus.

At The Hollies we love local produce and work closely with our local suppliers to develop new products, re-package and generally get the best for our customers.  For 30 years we have worked with Mrs Darlington’s, a producer from Crewe that sold their fabulous lemon curd, jams and chutneys from their back door.  Phil use to collect on a weekly basis from their house, 30 years later their range is so extensive and popular that we have boxes and boxes delivered to both shops on a weekly basis.  If you haven’t tried their lemon curd yet, I assure you it is true to its label and is legendary!

Love local produce love Devonshire Bakery, a bakery in its 5th generation from Runcorn.  Their traditionally made breads and cakes are delivered to both Farm Shops and both Coffee Shops on a daily basis.  The Hollies Ultimate Steak Burger is served on a freshly baked Devonshire Bakery ciabatta at the Coffee Shop at The Hollies Little Budworth.  The sandwich menu at both Coffee Shops uses Devonshire Bakery’s ciabatta and multigrain rolls and both the Farm Shops stock freshly baked corn breads, multigrain loaves, white tin loaves, potato cakes, fruit pies, battenburg and much more.

We won Marketing Cheshire’s Taste of Cheshire 2014 award recognising the volume of local produce that we stock and cook with.  Jo’s Cakes from Acton Bridge have worked with us for a few years and their business has grown to the point where we have developed packaging and products with them, bringing a Jo’s Cakes at The Hollies branding together.  Jo makes the most delicious cakes and we are constantly amazed and the diversity of her cake baking abilities.  Slabs crisps created in Northwich came to The Hollies before Christmas to show off their delicious larger than life crisps and they were a massive hit with customers.  The Hollies were the first stockists in the UK, which we are very proud of.  If you haven’t tried Slabs yet, you must they are amazing with a dip, large and thick crisped potatoes cooked in virgin olive oil, available in 4 flavours!

We work with some amazing local producers from Bongo’s chilli range to Poplar’s Eggs, from Cheshire chips to Horton’s potatoes.  The Hollies has field frsh deliveries from local farmers on a daily basis, weekly deliveries from Alison’s Cakes, Patchwork Foods, Rodney Densem Wines, Coachhouse Brewery, Cheshire Apple Juice and many more.  There is also an extensive range of homemade products from The Hollies Delicatessen complimented by a range of homemade sausages, bacon, burgers and much more from our very own Butchery.

If you love local you will love The Hollies.

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