Meet our Marketing Team!

Monday, December 16th, 2019

Meet our Marketing Team, Olivia, Will, Sarah and Gaz. Everyone has a unique role in creating marketing ideas across The Hollies businesses.

Gaz and Will are our Graphic Designers, they create all the artwork for The Hollies, 59 at The Hollies, The Hollies Forest Lodges, The Barn, 32 by The Hollies and our Highland Hotel Muckrach Country House Hotel. They create our monthly marketing material including posters, flyers, signage, animations, adverts, videos, brochures, our monthly newsletter and do the menu design for all our restaurants and coffee shops. Gaz and Will create branding for new ventures plus any rebranding as The Hollies continues to evolve.

Sarah and Olivia are our content guru’s. They are responsible for writing and photographing all the content for The Hollies, The Hollies Forest Lodges, 59 at The Hollies, The Barn, 32 by The Hollies and our Highland Hotel Muckrach Country House Hotel. This includes our websites, blogs and monthly newsletter. One of their key roles is keeping all our social media platforms up to date including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. They ensure that we always have lots of (hopefully) interesting content going out there for all our followers to see, and if you comment or message one of our accounts, they will be the ones who respond. If you see something you like on social media, please do give it a like as it makes the whole team very happy! Sarah and Olivia also do all our awards applications, proof reading and our general enquiry, charity and accommodation emails.

As a team you’ll find them all at the end of the phone line for general enquiries and Forest Lodge enquiries. They are also on call for any other needs of the business, like when the coffee shop gets busy at lunchtime!

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