Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire

Monday, June 10th, 2019

Our Cheese of the Month for July is the delicious Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire. Ruth Kirkham first started making their famous Lancashire in 1978. With the help of her husband, Ruth turned an old piggery in to a cheese making dairy.

Now third-generation Lancashire-maker Graham still follows the traditional two-day curd method of making the cheese, giving it a buttery, yoghurty flavour with a light texture that melts in the mouth. Their cheese is a hard, full fat traditional crumbly style Lancashire with a strong character.

Mrs Kirkham’s are the very last farmhouse producer of raw-milk Lancashire cheese. Their Lancashire is traditionally clothbound and ‘buttered up’ then aged for 3-6 months.

Why not try Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire melted on a piece of sourdough bread topped with sweet caramelised onions? Also try this cheese crumbled on top of a chilli con carne or spaghetti bolognese to give the dish a bit of a twist, or simply cut a chunk and add to a cracker for the ultimate treat.

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