Dive into the new ‘Oceans’ Collection from Alex Monroe

Monday, April 15th, 2019

Dive into the new ‘Oceans’ collection from Alex Monroe now available in The Barn at Little Budworth. Born from increasing environmental concerns, ‘Oceans’ sees Alex and his design team celebrating the beauty and majesty that dwells within our planet’s oceans.

The Blue Whale necklace;
A true wonder of our oceans, the majestic blue whale has been lovingly recreated in sterling silver. Captured in motion with finely engraved detailing.

The Angel Fish necklace;
Found in tropical waters, the beautiful angelfish has been recreated in miniature. Its distinguishable shape has been carefully handcrafted and finished with finely engraved detailing.

The Sea Turtle;
Inspired by this peaceful traveller of the oceans and out of a need for greater protection, Alex has created this finely detailed sea turtle pendant necklace.

The Seahorse Companion Necklace;
In between coral reefs & flowing mangroves, a pair of seahorses lock tails together as a sign of companionship. Intricately detailed and finished with an aqua-green peridot stone.

The Starfish Constellation Bracelet
An array of starfish, handcrafted and imbued with texture, adorn this constellation bracelet.

Alex Monroe will donate £10 from every piece of the ‘Oceans’ collection sold to support Friends of the Earth’s mission to end plastic pollution and protect our oceans, wildlife and planet.

Come and take a look at the collection in The Barn at Little Budworth.

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