Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

According to the Daily Telegraph sales of prosecco were up by a staggering 75 per cent in the UK last year and as a nation we spent nearly a £1 billion on the Italian fizz making it overtake the sales of Champagne for the first time. If rumours and reports are to be believed though, there could soon be a shortage and our prosecco sipping days could be put on hold.  Due to rain storms ruining about 50% of last year’s grape stock, experts are warning of a shortage and with supplies being down, prices may go up. We are keeping our fingers crossed that there will be no shortage here at The Hollies!

To make sure your summer still goes pop, we have our prosecco on special sale price of £8.99 for a bottle of either white or rose throughout July at The Hollies Little Budworth (whilst our stocks last!)

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