The ‘H’ Burger

The ‘H’ burger is a very popular choice at The Hollies. Enjoy with lightly salted Cheshire Chips.
Recipe by Ed Cowap


Devonshire Bakery corn roll
180g The Hollies minced beef
2 rashers The Hollies treacle cured bacon
Slice of Red Fox red leicester cheese
Red onion
Iceberg lettuce
Beef tomato
Tracklemsents sweet mustard ketchup
Really Garlicky aioli
Salt flakes
Olive oil

Roll mince into tight ball
Pour a little olive oil into a shallow tray, sprinkle with salt flakes and roll the mince balls in it to cover
Place the burger ball into a hot frying pan and flatten the burger with a spatular to create a flat burger shape
Turn burger regularly for even cooking

Cook the rashes of bacon under the grill

Whilst cooking, slice the corn roll and toast.
Smother the bottom half of the toasted roll with sweet mustard ketchup and aioli to the top half of the roll.
Take the burger form the pan when evenly cooked and place the burger on a flat tray and add a slice of Red Fox cheese and grill
Add diced red onion, iceberg lettuce and sliced beef tomato to the bottom half of the bun.

When cheese has melted move to the bun on top of the salad, add bacon and the top half of the roll.

Skewer to hold together and serve