Time for change – Best breast forward

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

Carrying a sack of potatoes around is no mean feat! Exercising with that sack of potatoes strapped to you, could you imagine that?  Doing anything with that sack of potatoes is cumbersome!

So when I’ve shed the equivalent of 33 bags of chips, is it any wonder that I feel amazing?  My heart must be beating with an extra bit of gusto, my lungs with some extra puff and how must all the joints feel? Relieved?

I walk with my head held high, best foot forward and a beaming smile, for I feel wonderful. There is a twist to this, occasionally I am tormented by where I have come from and the fact that I boast about losing 4 stone, yet have more to lose. I am still fat, but at least not morbidly obese where I came from! It does niggle though; is it really an achievement to be reversing out where I had got so large that I was risking my life, shortening my life or encouraging disease?  I am lapping up the compliments, of which I am very grateful, but for every positive comment, it does flash through my mind, what did they may have thought before.

Allowing myself to be so large, I never had an opportunity to love my body; a flat stomach or toned arms really frustrates me. Why could I not love myself then, like I do now? Now I allow myself a glimpse in the mirror, 5 months ago, I was so disgusted I refused to look, hiding myself in baggy black clothes.  If I’d allowed me to love me, maybe I would have taken control sooner, appreciated what I had and therefore wanted to improve what I had, not ignore it and make it worse.

I stood looking, really looking in the mirror yesterday as I had a bra fitting in M&S; a liberating experience in itself. I had never had a fitting before and boy can I tell the difference today in what a bra should be doing! I stood in that cubicle surrounded by mirrors, forced to look at myself, to acknowledge my shape and really work out what bra would be best for me. (Why would I have a clue?) I’ve never had to think about that before, shopping only to find something that actually fits.  Now I can choose something because I like it; what a revelation!

What size am I? I don’t know! I buy the odd bits and usually buy something else that hangs off me, as I can’t quite believe I am not an 18+ anymore. I don’t know where to start with style or shops. I’ve only ever bought from where I can get into something and then it was more about what fits than what suits!

But back to the bra fitting for now, as I said I was liberated. I stood there and felt like I’d joined a new club, a club I’d been excluded from before. I could be measured for a bra, I can wear Lycra in public and I can say yes to the invite to go on a zip wire experience without fear of not fitting in the jump suit or pulling the zip wire down! Head high, shoulders back, best breast forward!

So I strutted out of that cubicle, wearing my new bra, with boobs supported and positioned, holding a sports bra (an item that wouldn’t have been available to me before, nor would I have had the inclination to wear!). I am enjoying this new club.

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