Time for change – From sloth to energetic koala!

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

Time for change – From sloth to energetic koala!

A time for change in weight loss has naturally led to an increase in activity. From sloth to slightly more energetic koala!  Having embraced Clean & Lean by Emma Wilson Fitness since September 2018, there came a point where I couldn’t ignore Emma’s fitness classes anymore!

On the monthly programme there are daily 10 minute workouts to ‘enjoy’ (?) which can be tackled at any level. For me, it was the lower level, but there was an advanced version of every exercise too (:-o). For now I stuck to the ‘I will do my best in my pyjamas every morning’ version! Within 3 weeks of beginning Clean & Lean, having lost nearly a stone I also gave some of Emma’s YouTube videos a go. I was committed, getting up at 5.15 every morning to fit them in. I have now advanced to working out at 5.45 whilst Phil showers, so I feel like I’m having a lie in already!  Within 5 weeks I was completing daily exercise videos by Emma and at 10 weeks I braved my first class!

Attending a class; that took some mental preparation. What if everyone else there is super fit? Where on earth is the venue? Am I wearing the right outfit? Will everyone else be able to see that I haven’t done this before?  Will I be able to keep up?

Pure Stretch was my first choice, based on the fact that there was no Meta or HIIT mentioned in the title!! I walked into the room and was greeted with warmth, which started to dispel my fear.  I struggle with coordination so spent a lot of time staring at Emma trying to work out which arm and which leg were supposed to be facing where!  I made it through, a little shocked that it wasn’t just a pleasant stretch out and that instead I had worked my core and could feel muscles in my thighs that I didn’t know were there.

So the bravery of getting through one class spurred me on to the next (there was obviously no stopping me now!). By the end of the week I found myself at one of Emma’s Kettlercise classes….. blimey. It was strangely addictive to swing a weight shaped like a handbag between your legs! Stretching out at the end of that session was the best feeling ever! There was a little flame starting to glow for the endless possibilities of exercise!

I was step-stoning my way through the exercise classes so it was only natural that I should decide to be even more hardcore and try a class with HIIT in the title! OMG, now that took everything to the next level! HIIT Circuits were brutal (in my eyes)! It was an intense workout of a minute on each station, from press-ups, to lunges to burpees and so on! I made it through (just)!  As I lay on the mat doing the cool down exercises all sorts of emotions were pumping around my body. The more they pumped, the more they over-spilled into tears. By the time I’d finished the cool down I was a blithering wreck! I cried for 45 minutes that day! 45 minutes! What was that all about?  I spent the rest of the day emotionally drained but didn’t succumb to the food comforts of the past!

Those 45 minutes drained me but equally relieved me. A good cry is actually a bit of therapy in itself. Generally I don’t cry, I recognise that I should, more so for the children’s benefit (if they see emotion then it is more accepted, as it should be), but coping mechanisms over time have put a stop to that.  I cried out all my anger (because those exercises were so hard), frustration (that I found those exercises so hard) and for all the pent up sadness that I had stored away. 45 minutes later that was dealt with, I was chairing a meeting and back in control (if somewhat shaky!)

So exercise seems to be offering some mental and physical benefits. Not to mention the reassuring words of friends and of course Emma, whose wisdom allows you to be mindful and accepting of feelings & emotions. Who needs a biscuit prop up when you have space to think?

There are massive transitions going on and you too could allow yourself time to change. It is never too late, whatever age; we all deserve to be kind to ourselves, take time for ourselves and be healthy.

If it’s your time then Clean and Lean and / or Emma Wilson Fitness could be your doorway to change. Emma Wilson is a local health, nutrition & fitness expert whose CLEAN & LEAN online programme is run regularly, with daily access to Emma’s wealth of knowledge in working with your body to become efficient at burning fat and being fuelled for the life you lead. Taking a closer look at being smart with your every day foods to give you a healthier, happier, leaner body, by focusing on the impact of food on your INSULIN levels. This in turn not only allows you to enjoy all foods, but also offers many health benefits along the way, not just a reduction in body fat.  This is a no-nonsense, simple approach.  Clean & Lean runs alongside Emma Wilson Fitness, fitness classes run locally in specialised fields such as Kettlecise, Pure Stretch, Metafit and HIIT circuits.

If it’s time for change for you then Clean & Lean by Emma Wilson could be for you.

Clean & Lean by Emma Wilson Fitness – The healthy choice.  Find out more.

Emma has new online programmes running all the time and if you’re ready for change, I highly recommend that you get in touch.

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The Hollies Farm Shop have collaborated with Emma Wilson Fitness; local health, nutrition & fitness coach, to launch a Clean & Lean showcase at The Hollies Farm Shops.  Look out for the signage and stickers on products that are endorsed by Emma as part of her Clean & Lean programme.  Plus dishes on the Deli Bar, 32 and 59 menus endorsed by the Clean & Lean programme.



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